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Review – Downsizing

Writer Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants) returns with the 2017 satire Downsizing. In response to the increasing threat of extinction that humans face due to their own overpopulation, scientists in Norway have invented a process by which humans can be reduced to approximately 5 inches tall. Through this process of downsizing, humans can drastically reduce their impact on the

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Review – Nebraska

Continuing our run in the Alphabet Challenge (Alphabet Challenge), we’re upto ‘N’ and for this, we’re heading to ‘Nebraska’. This 2013 drama remains the most recent film by director Alexander Payne (The Descendants, Sideways). It stars oscar nominated actor Bruce Dern (he’ll always be Freeman Lowell from 1972’s ‘Silent Running’ to me), as Woody Grant, an aged alcoholic ┬áretiree who

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