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Review – Trumbo

Trumbo is the new film from director Jay Roach, (whose previous work includes ‘Meet the Parents’, ‘Borat’ and ‘The Campaign’) and writer John McNamara. The film recounts the true story of Dalton Trumbo, played in the film by Bryan Cranston (TV’s Breaking Bad, and films including ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Argo’), who was a member of the ‘Hollywood Ten’ – a group

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Review – Vexille

For Day ‘V’ of the Alphabet challenge, its to Japanese Anime ‘Vexille’ from 2007. Vexille is a futuristic tale set in 2077, ¬†about the US based ‘Sword’ defence group that are conducting an investigation into Japan and the Daiwa Heavy Industry corporation. In recent years, Japan has increasingly withdrawn from engagement with the rest of the world, at the same

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Review – Sabotage

Continuing the ‘post Governator’ era of his life, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this 2014 action thriller, directed and jointly written by David Ayer. Ayer was the writer of ‘Training Day’ but moved into directing in 2005 with ‘Harsh Times’ and 2012 ‘End of Watch’. Sabotage stars Arnie as leader of a highly ranked DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) team. The group

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