Review – Vexille

For Day ‘V’ of the Alphabet challenge, its to Japanese Anime ‘Vexille’ from 2007.

Vexille is a futuristic tale set in 2077,  about the US based ‘Sword’ defence group that are conducting an investigation into Japan and the Daiwa Heavy Industry corporation. In recent years, Japan has increasingly withdrawn from engagement with the rest of the world, at the same time progressing with new robotic technology development.

As the story opens, Sword find out that Daiwa have not only been continuing with robotic research, which the rest of the world has now banned, but appear to have developed a new type of bio-metal.

Having not only withdrawn from interaction with the rest of the world, Japan has instigated sophisticated technology to prevent monitoring, scanning and surveillance of their activities.

In order to try and learn more, Sword despatch a number of agents including a female agent called Vexille to try and covertly enter Japan. As they enter, they begin to find out the secrets of the reclusive nation and the Daiwa corporation.

I’ve had a limited experience with Japanese anime in the past so the context with which I can review it is limited. However, this was an enjoyable story set in a world that is well suited to the anime format. It had an engaging story, sone big action pieces and a really great soundtrack (by Paul Oakenfold).


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