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Review – Lego Batman

We’re back off to the Lego Universe now for the review of the Lego Batman film that is currently out in the cinema. The second Lego film to have come out after 2014’s The Lego Movie, Chris McKay (who was an animation director on the 2014 film) now takes on his full directorial debut. The screenplay is by a number

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Superman 3 and Batman Forever – Some interesting parallels

Whilst working my way through the Batman and Superman movies recently, I’ve been thinking about some parallels between the two series. Especially when it comes to Superman 3, and the third Batman film – Batman Forever and their aftermath. Let me explain… * Firstly both films started off with clear approach by a director  – Richard Donner for Superman, Tim

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Review – Superman

You’ll believe a man can fly… 1978 saw the first true superhero on the modern day cinema screen with Richard Donner’s Superman. The first comic superhero, became the first one to become a motion picture, and at the time, the most expensive film ever made with a budget of $55M. Directing the film was Richard Donner, whose main success to

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