Film Rating Scores

I’m working on a 10 point scale. So far I’ve managed to avoid getting into decimals, but at a high level here is the basis of how my maths works…


10 – Exceptional Film – If you haven’t seen one of these, reschedule everything and make it a priority to see it!

 9 – Brilliant Film – Try and get it watched as soon as possible

8 – Really good film – Definitely worth making an effort to see

7 – Good film – Worth checking out if you get the chance

6 – Above average film – Wouldn’t make too much effort to see it but it’s ‘alright’

5 – Average Film – *shrugs*

4 – Below average film – Wouldn’t bother with it

3 – Bad film – Stay away

2 – Really bad film – Do everything you can to stay away!

1 – Absolutely terrible film – Run like hell in the other direction screaming!