Monthly Archives: November 2016

Review : Moana

Disney brings it’s latest musical animation to the big screen with the Polynesian culture inspired ‘Moana’. Directed by John Muster and Ron Clements (the double act whose previous work includes Disney hits such as Aladdin, Hercules and The Little Mermaid), this is a fusion of classic disney musical combined with a strong cultural theme and a shift away from the

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Review – The Lost Boys

In what appears to be a now season of ‘Corey Feldman’ movies, the day after watching The Goonies, I turned to The Lost Boys. From 1987, directed by Joel Schumaker (who would of course go on to nearly kill the Batman franchise), and written by Jan Fischer, James Jeremias and Jeffrey Boam, the film is now a treasured classic for

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Review – The Goonies

If you sit and make a list of films that capture the 1980’s, 1985’s ‘The Goonies‘ will always be fairly high up there for me. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Richard Donner, with a screenplay by Christopher Columbus (who would go on to direct the first two Harry Potter films), this is a wonderful mix of romance, action,

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