Batman v Superman – The FilmGeeky Cinematic Battle


Batman vs. Superman…

The Dark Knight vs. The Caped Crusader…

As most people know, in late March we will see the release of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. This will see the first live action screen meeting of the two superheroes and is expected to launch a DC comics equivalent of the Marvel Avengers franchise with a two part Justice League follow up in 2017.

What strikes me about this film and the future movies is that whilst being similar in intention to the Marvel universe, these are two very well established cinematic super heroes.

There was no Iron Man, Captain America or Thor movies before the Marvel Cinematic Universe set their plans in motion. However the DC heroes are beyond well established in cinema already. In fact, they are the only 2 super hero characters to have ever really succeeded over a sustained period before in cinemas.

And they are bigger than the comic book characters – they are each cultural icons.


So in March, in advance of the release of the new film, we will be conducted the ‘Film Geeky cinematic battle royale (with cheese)’ between Batman and Superman.

I’ll be working my way through the different films for both characters and tracking ratings, and also maybe awarding some different bonus points for things like performance, score, plot and direction.  All will be coming in blogs and reviews through the month. From the original Superman movie, through Clooney’s Bat-Nipples, to Spacey’s Lex Luthor, we’ll watch them all and see how they stack up.

Lets see who is the ultimate cinematic hero between these two icons…

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 21.20.04.png

Who gets your vote?








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