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An Analytical Assessment of Tom Cruise’s Career – The Most Consistent Box Office star in Hollywood?

Lets graph some stuff! Firstly – I must offer my thanks to the data site http://www.BoxOfficeMojo.com – These guys are amazing and I could spend hours on their website looking at the data on there. #DataGeek As a baseline though, Im using domestic box office performance here rather than worldwide, based on what is available on the site. So –

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Analysis : The Shifting Approach of Hollywood : How Sequels and Franchises have taken over

In the last week, I saw 2 different movies that were, in their origins, very similar. Both Terminator Genisys and Jurassic World, are both new films from previous franchises that not only have come out in 2015 and been significant in terms of box office, (admittedly JW is far and away ahead of TG, but even that is well over

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