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Review : Inferno

The combination of director Ron Howard and actor Tom Hanks reaches film number 5 with the 3rd film of the Robert Langdon series, Inferno, based on the works on Dan Brown. Waking up in a Florence hotel room, dazed and confused, Robert Langdon finds himself on another race against time in a historic city. In Inferno we find Langdon trying to

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Review – Hell and High Water

Hell or High Water is the latest film from Scottish director David MacKenzie, whose previous work includes Young Adam, Starred Up, and Spread. The writer is Taylor Sheridan who previously wrote Sicario (which is a good sign in itself). The film focusses on the tale of two brothers in Texas, Toby Howard (Chris Pine – Star Trek franchise) and Tanner

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Review – The Program

The latest film by british director Stephen Frears (My Beautiful Laundrette, High Fidelity, Philomena) is ‘The Program’, the 2015 film about cyclist ‘Lance Armstrong’. It’s screenplay is by John Hodge (Transporting, Shallow Grave, Trance). For anyone that doesn’t already know, although they’re few and far between at this point, Lance Armstrong is a cyclist that won the ‘Tour De France’

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