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#100 – The 100th FilmGeeky Post

Wow. That went quick. Since 30t November, I’ve been using FilmGeeky as my outlet for my thoughts and observations on the films that I’ve been watching. And I’m loving it. I’ve found it more challenging that I’d been expecting beforehand with shaping my views and forming them into some attempt at coherency rather than ‘I just didn’t like it’ which

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Superman 3 and Batman Forever – Some interesting parallels

Whilst working my way through the Batman and Superman movies recently, I’ve been thinking about some parallels between the two series. Especially when it comes to Superman 3, and the third Batman film – Batman Forever and their aftermath. Let me explain… * Firstly both films started off with clear approach by a director  – Richard Donner for Superman, Tim

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The Batman’O’Meter – The Range of Batman Performances

So here’s something I’ve been thinking about…The evolution of Batman in the cinema. The diagram below is something I’ve put together to try and show how different actors have approached the character of the Dark Knight. From left (camp dancing Adam West batman) to the darker sides of the caped crusader, I have both Val Kilmer and George Clooney shifting

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