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Review – Southpaw

Boxing films have consistently outshone any other sport in cinema. Through decade after decade, if you look at the best sport film, it is regularly based around the sport of boxing. In 2015’s Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhall stars as Billy Hope, the middleweight champion of the world and husband to Maureen (Rachael McAdams) and father to their young daughter ¬†Leila (Oona

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Review – The Program

The latest film by british director Stephen Frears (My Beautiful Laundrette, High Fidelity, Philomena) is ‘The Program’, the 2015 film about cyclist ‘Lance Armstrong’. It’s screenplay is by John Hodge (Transporting, Shallow Grave, Trance). For anyone that doesn’t already know, although they’re few and far between at this point, Lance Armstrong is a cyclist that won the ‘Tour De France’

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Review – Creed

The latest film franchise to find itself with a homage-remake-reboot is the Rocky series with the 2015 film ‘Creed’ which overall will hold its own in the pantheon of Rocky films although never challenging the champion first 2 films. However the film does afford Stallone the opportunity to bring a new depth to the character which may well see him

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