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An Analytical Assessment of Tom Cruise’s Career – The Most Consistent Box Office star in Hollywood?

Lets graph some stuff! Firstly – I must offer my thanks to the data site http://www.BoxOfficeMojo.com – These guys are amazing and I could spend hours on their website looking at the data on there. #DataGeek As a baseline though, Im using domestic box office performance here rather than worldwide, based on what is available on the site. So –

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An early glimpse of Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’ and his next potential franchise…

Do you remember when Tom Cruise ‘didn’t do sequels’? Before Mission Impossible 2, it was something he’d never done. Since that point though, there is an increasing sense that the actor is looking to franchises as the basis for his box office strength. Not only has the mission impossible series now delivered over $2 billion, the most recent two films

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