Review – Kajaki


The daily ‘Alphabet Challenge’ is on day 11 and it’s ‘K’ today.

The film ‘Kajaki’ is based on a true story of a unit of the british army based in Afghanistan, close to the Kajaki Dam.

The story follows the unit as they initially spend day after day in relative monotony, until the decision is made for three of the group to approach a roadblock. As they approach the target they walk through a ravine, which proves to be littered with mines.

The story recounts the story of the group as they attempt to rescue the victims of the mines, whilst finding themselves in a  highly precarious situation  within the minefield itself.

This is a true story and the men that this story is based on are heroes. Its a tough watch at times as the film has to operate with a relative level of reality about the wounds inflicted by the mines and as such it can be quite graphic at times.

Thats to say, if you’re on the squeamish side, this film likely isn’t for you.

However the quality of the acting is high and the story is one drenched in tension as they attempt to save lives whilst being, quite literally, in a minefield.


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