Review – The Last Stand


The Day of ‘L’ and off to a small town in the US close to the Mexican border, called Sommerton Junction.

Whilst normally being a quiet enough town, it’s about to become the location for a wealthy and powerful criminal, on the run from the FBI in a super speed sports car, to cross the border to Mexico. And all that’s there to try and stop him is the local Sheriff and his deputies.

But lucky for the American justice system, that Sheriff is Ray Owens – played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


This film centres on the police force of Sommerton and the fast approaching kingpin ‘Gabriel Cortez’ (played by Eduardo Noriega). The film is a modern day western with the feeling from Rio Bravo or High Noon of the fast approaching confrontation and shootout.

This film was all about announcing Arnie’s return to film after his time as the ‘Governator’, and was his first lead role in 10 years. There’s references to this throughout with lines that kid at his age. ‘Maybe once upon a time, but your time is over…’

Its an enjoyable reminder of the Schwarzenegger film back catalogue with pithy one liners, explosions and more artillery than a small militia.  It is of course filled with plot holes and points that don’t really make much sense. But when did they ever?


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