Review – Omar


O. And to the Palestinian drama from 2013, ‘Omar’.

For this tale, we follow Omar, a young man from Palestine who is secretly in love with his childhood friend Tarek’s younger sister Nadia. He, Tarek and a 3rd friend Amjad have grown up together and remain close.

His relationship with Nadia has remained a secret from Tarek whilst Omar works as a baker and saves with the hope of one day gaining her hand in marriage.

One night, the 3 friends are involved in an attack on an Israeli soldier and flee the scene. As the story plays out, Omar is rounded up by the authorities with the hope of finding out who was involved in the shooting.


The tale plays out as an almost Shakespearian story of loyalty, betrayal and love. It was written and directed Hany-Abu Assad who also wrote and directed the 2006 film ‘Paradise Now’.

It was nominated for the best foreign film Oscar for 2013, but lost to the Italian ‘The Great Beauty’ (La Grande Bellezza).

Assad has created a wonderful film here with a simple setting and concept but a genuinely touching story with very well established characters.


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