Review – Wayne’s World


Day ‘W’ of the Alphabet challenge and to Wayne’s World we go.

This 1992 comedy was originally based on a recurring sketch from Saturday Night Live, featuring Mike Myers (Austin Powers) as Wayne Campbell, and Dana Carvey (Clean Slate, Trapped in Paradise) as Garth Algar.

Between the two, they host a regular TV show on a public network called ‘Wayne’s World’.

The show catches the eye of slick, untrustworthy TV producer Benjamin Kane (Rob Lowe – The West Wing) who makes the two an offer to move their show to his network as part of a sponsorship deal with a local arcade chain.

Kane’s motives become more suspicious as he draws closer to Wayne’s new girlfriend Cassandra (played by Tia Carrere) who is also the lead singer in a band – ‘Crucial Taunt’.

The film is a comedy classic and features a high number of classic moments ranging from catchphrases (“Scwhhhwinnnng”), all the way through to THE scene that changed how Bohemian Rhapsody is seen forever.

It’s a a great fun movie that doesn’t take itself seriously and put the career of Myers into a different trajectory entirely.



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