Review – Zoolander


The final day of the Alphabet Challenge and of course for ‘Z’ we turn to the 2001 comedy ‘Zoolander’ both starring and directed by Ben Stiller (and in fairness part written by him as well), and the subject of a sequel currently in cinemas.

Derek Zoolander may not be much of a thinker but is a superstar male model and 3 times recipient of the male model of the year award. However his dominance of the male model industry is being tested by the up and coming Hansel (Owen Wilson).

Whilst struggling with the success of the new start of Hansel, Zoolander finds himself being targeted by a secret group who intend to brainwash him and ‘program’ him in order to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This secret group includes the eccentric fashion designer Mugatu (Will Ferrell) who is preparing a new campaign and planning on using this as a way to draw Zoolander into his plan.


This plot is clearly ludicrous and tries to be nothing other than that. It is however a funny film.

The character of Zoolander does grate on occasion however Mugatu, through Ferrell’s performance, steal’s every scene that he appears in. Ferrell was still emerging onto the film scene at this point, being 2 years from making ‘Old School’ and ‘Elf’ and a further one from ‘Anchorman’.


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