Marvel Cinematic Universe -Sub Genre’s


So, as we rapidly approach the end of the Marvel theme month, I’ve been thinking about the different films and how they hang together.

There’s been mention in the past of the strength of the series partly being based on the different styles to the films keeping them relatively fresh and to an extent I agree. For me their strength has always been in the casting of some highly charismatic leads (Downey Jnr and Chris Evans especially standing out) and the (in the majority) of the underlying stories that the films have had.

But having thought about the different genres, here is what stood out to me through them…

Iron Man – International Spy Thriller

The Incredible Hulk – Love Story / Lovers on the run tale

Iron Man 2 – Industrial Espionage / Revenge flick

Thor – Shakespearian tale in Space

Captain America – Nostalgic War Movie

The Avengers – Aliens Attack Earth

Iron Man 3 – Terrorist Thriller mixed with Christmas Film hints

Captain America : The Winter Soldier – Spy / Political Thriller

Guardians of the Galaxy – Dirty Dozen in Star Wars setting

Ant Man – Heist Movie

What do you think?


  • Age of Ultron has an iRobot, sentient AI, techno thriller thing going on

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  • I would categorize them the following way:

    The Incredible Hulk is a Monster movie, GotG is a space opera, Ant-man a heist movie, Cap 1 an Action Adventure War movie and Cap 2 a political thriller (those are the easiest to put into a certain genre). Thor 1 is a fish out of Water story with Shakespearean undertone and Thor 2 is basically High Fantasy. The Iron Man movies are Sci-Fi movies with the third one doubling as Christmas movie . The Avengers is the purest of Comic book movies, but it also a character piece. And Age of Ultron is a really strange mix of Horror (there are a lot of parallels drawn to Frankenstein and Zombie movies) and technology.


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