Trailer – Transformers – The Last Knight

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Amongst the 2017 blockbusters will be the latest in the Transformer’s franchise  – Transformers : The Last Knight.

Again directed by Michael Bay, this will be the sequel to the Age of Extinction reboot that saw Mark Wahlberg take the ‘human’ lead in the 2014 film from Shia LeBouef in the prior 3.

Tonight, Paramount released the first teaser trailer for the 5th film.

Now overall I’ve had a mixed relationship with the series. I was hugely excited about the original and loved the ability to see the toys of my childhood battling it out on the big screen. But as the future films came, I lost interest and by the fourth was left with nothing but frustration that a film so poor would both be so financially successful and even be considered for a sequel. My rating of 1/10 for the film (Transformers – Age of Extinction) was possibly a little unfair but only, maybe, by one or two points.

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So to the trailer for the next one. It opens like a trailer for Gladiator or another equally epic historical tale, with Anthony Hopkins’ voiceover talking to sacrifice and victory through the ages. However within seconds, we’re reminded of the flying transformers, and the

I see nothing that leads me to expect anything different from the fourth. I can’t imagine what the need to show Nazi flags in the film will be, in terms of recreating history (Bay had to defend filming the scenes at Churchill’s home,  assuring everyone that he will be a form of hero in the film – Michael Bay defends turning Churchill’s home into Nazi base for Transformers 5).

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Wahlberg is back and also Josh Duhamel returns for this film with British actress Laura Haddock (The Inbetweeners / Guardians of the Galaxy) joining the cast. We also see young America actress Isabela Moner declaring that she too wants to fight them.

The last film had a dark edge to it (not a compliment), which felt unnecessary, as we saw the autobot being hunted down and killed. That is the exact tone of the final moment in the trailer. The whole trailer leaves me expecting nothing but more of the same as the previous instalment.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 03.51.48.png

Hopkins says in the trailer ‘of the hundred billion planets in the cosmos’ that we want to know ‘why they keep coming here’. I think the answer is money Anthony. Nothing more.



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