Review – The Accountant

the accountant film review

Ben Affleck takes a break from Gotham city  to bring this enjoyable enough action thriller to the screen even if the name may suggest a more dull story.

Directed by Gavin O’Connor this is the second release of the year for the director after Jane Got a Gun earlier in the year.  His previous work beyond this includes the fantastic Warrior and Pride and Glory. The script is by Bill Dubuque (writer of 2014’s The Judge).

In this film, we meet Christian Wolff, a gifted mathematician through a form of autism who is a highly gifted accountant yet struggles with interactions with other people. His history however has also provided him with a number of combat skills.

Wolff, who receives offers of forensic accountancy work, through a mysterious voice over the phone, is recruited by a robotics company to try and identify some irregularities that have been found by young accountant Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick).


As an investigation into a mysterious ‘Accountant’ within the Treasury Department seeing Raymond King (JK Simmons) setting Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) off on a mission to find out who it is.

As these two storylines begin to combine, Affleck’s situation begins to unravel and the body count begins to build up…

If you can imagine a cross between someone like Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting) and Jason Bourne (and yes I intentionally picked Matt Damon twice there 😀) you’re essentially there with the character of Wolff. The film delivers an good solid action thriller, weighted more on the thriller side than the action.

Affleck gives a strong performance with a role more testing than most of the action roles from his career but is up to the job throughout. Supporting roles from Simmons, Addai-Robinson and Kendrick also work well.

Overall – The maths does stack up for this enjoyable action thriller.



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