Trailer – King Arthur : Legend of the Sword


Guy Ritchie has a new film coming out and he’s bring the legend of King Arthur back to the bing screen.

I’m not the biggest fan of Mr Ritchie.  Aside from his first two films (Lock Stock and Snatch) and the Sherlock Holmes reboot (although I much preferred the first to the second), I’ve not really rated his films too highly. Given the Holmes ones were both written by other people, his ‘auteur’ work has in my opinion lacked since his early work.


They’ve always felt more style over substance, with his traditional snappy dialogue and music feeling a little like a UK version of Tarantino’s work more than anything else. The problem here is that the actual content has been lacking in so many of these films with the being started with a decent enough idea but failing to build enough on this.

So, here we now turn to the trailer to his latest writer/director work, King Arthur : Legend of the Sword, which is due out in May of this year. Its already a bit of a gamble given the history of King Arthur films has lacked success since Monty Python’s version – with the most recent 2004’s King Arthur and 90’s First Knight both struggling to achieve anything worthwhile.

The trailer reveals that for this, Ritchie is opting away from the realistic, gritty approach that Antoine Fuqua went for with the 2004 version and seems to be embracing the magical aspects of the legend, but also going for a ‘Arthur went from nothing to King’ focus.


Style wise the film hints towards the approach to the Sherlock Holmes films with Charlie Hunnam as Arthur, and Jude Law as the bad guy of the film.

I don’t hold out a great deal of hope for this film, but we’ll find out in May…

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