Review – Open Range


For O in the Alphabet Challenge, we’re off to the Kevin Costner’s western drama Open Range from 2003. Costner both starred and directed the film, which was written by Craig Storper.

The film stars Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall as two cattle men that are driving their herd across Montana. Costner plays Charley Waite – one of the team run by Duvall’s ‘Boss’.

The film centres around them falling into conflict with local land owner Denton Baxter (played my Michael Gambon)  and the resulting violence and gunfight as Baxter’s men turn on the men and the situation begins to escalate.

Against this backdrop, is the romantic story of Waite meeting local lady Sue Barlow (played by Annette Benning).

At well over two hours, this is another epic western which seems to be the main way that they’re made in modern time. It’s set against beautiful landscapes and the highlight of the film is the main shootout which makes for an exciting dramatic take on the traditional western ‘moments’.

In honesty though I found it dragging, and the moments of action of romance were enough to justify any sort of good score.


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