Review – The Warriors


For W – It’s the turn of the cult classic action thriller from 1979 ‘The Warriors’.

The film, directed by Walter Hill (The Driver, Another 48 Hours, Red Heat) is based on the book of the same name by  Sol Yurick, with a screenplay by David Shaber (Nighthawks, Flight of the Intruder).

The film centres around a gang based in Coney Island, called The Warriors, who visit a meeting of all the New York gangs called by ‘Cyrus’ leader of a powerful gang and effectively becoming President of a combined ‘gang’ force. Cyrus speaks of his  plan to unite all of the gangs in New York who would, combined, greatly outnumber the city police and become a force that could run the entire city.

However during his speech, Cyrus is murdered, and members of the Warriors are framed for the crime. As the police arrive and the gangs disperse, the members of the gang begin their journey back to Coney Island, now required to fight their way home given the number of people wanting to take revenge on them.

In an odd way, the film sets up a more interesting idea, then shifts away from it. The argument by Cyrus that the gangs of a city could unite to takeover the control of that city is one worth developing. Effectively the idea of a social uprising so strong as to be capable of a revolution. However, what the film is, is a form of level to level number of action set pieces as the gang work their way towards home.

Thats not to say that there isn’t merit in the existing story. There really is. It’s a solid, quirky, cool action film and the device of using a radio host commentating on certain moments really adds an interesting style to it.

In terms of cast, members of the gang include Michael Beck, Dorsey Wright, James Remar all feature and broader roles include Deborah Van Valkenburgh and of course Roger Hill as Cyrus, but in honesty it’s less about any personal performances and more about the style, and soundtrack of the film that makes it worth the watch.

So here’s the quirk. How do I admit that its a dated late 70’s action thriller and yet really recommend it as a watch if you haven’t seen it – because its just so cool – without giving it a mad score.

I guess I just did. Can you dig it?


That’s what I thought – what about you? Have you seen it? Comment below and share your thoughts…

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