Review – To Kill A Mockingbird


Its ‘T’ o’clock in the Alphabet Challenge and the selection is the 1962 crime drama To Kill a Mockingbird based on the novel by Harper Lee and directed by Robert Mulligan.

The classic film stars Gregory Peck in an oscar winning lead role as Atticus Finch, local lawyer in the deep southern in the 1930’s. The story focusses on the trial of Tom Robinson, a local black man who is accused of the rape of a young white woman, whom Finch is asked to defend.

What follows is a masterfully delivered story that regularly features on lists on best films ever made.

Peck is outstanding in the lead role and it now is the role that people most quickly associate him with. The supporting cast all add the power of the film, especially Brocks Peters as Tom Robinson, and James Anderson as Bob Ewell. Additionally the roles of both of Finch’s children Scout and Jem bring an innocent view of the world that conflicts with the prejudice that is so rife across the rest of the town.

The film went on to win Best Actor, Art Direction and Adapted Screenplay academy awards.

There are moments in cinema when it just all works. This film is one, and the famous scene as Finch leaves the court post the verdict is one of the most perfect moments of cinema that I’ve seen for me.


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