Review – XOXO


For X in the Alphabet Challenge, we turn to the Netflix produced 2016 XOXO, directed by Christopher Louie with a story that he created, with a screenplay by Dylan Meyer.

The film centres on a music festival in the US, at which Ethan (Graham Phillips) a young DJ has been offered a chance to pay a set. As he makes his way there, so do a number of other people all of whose lives come together in the story as they range from attempting to get to the festival, to getting in, to their relationships.

The film works very hard using flashing lights, on screen graphics, loud music all to try and distract you from the fact the this film is predictable, cliched, shallow and lacking in anything really. Its a drawn out music video as much as anything.

It’s not terrible but its the light and sound show that gets you through it rather than being interested.


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