The 2017 Geeky’s…


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 1st Annual presentation of the Geeky’s – the prizes awarded by us at FilmGeeky for the top achievements in cinema over the last twelve months.

Firstly I hope you enjoyed the reshow entertainment – and our thanks again to Mark Hammil for his Frank Sinatra medley – it was quite something and very unexpected.

Secondly, lets just clarify how this works. We don’t announce nominees here, we simply announce winners, BUT in certain categories we may also award a merit award for a very close second place. Also –  if we haven’t seen it, we don’t know how good it is. As a result, there are a couple of films that may miss out not because the weren’t better but because I haven’t seen them. (some notable ‘not seen yet’ include Fences and Moonlight). And finally – these aren’t an attempt to predict the awards for anything else, just the FilmGeeky view of things.

So lets get going shall we?

Best Original Screenplay Geeky goes to Kenneth Lonergan for his screenplay for Manchester By The Sea.

Best Adapted Screenplay Geeky is awarded to Eric Heisserer for Arrival

Best Original Song Geeky goes to I Know The Way from the animation Moana

Best Score Geeky goes to the science fiction film Arrival

Best Animation Geeky is awarded to Moana

Best Documentary Geeky goes to 13th

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Geeky goes to Michelle Williams for her small yet hugely impactful performance in Manchester By The Sea. Williams was incredible in the film

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Geeky goes to… Dev Patel for his role in the powerful Lion. Patel carries the film for the second half, and we would like it to be known that we’re also sending a merit award to Sunny Panwar for his performance in the first half of the film

Best Actress in a Leading Role Geeky goes to… Emma Stone for her performance in La La Land. So far the only award for the film and Stone’s standout performance heavily based on the scene in which she’s auditioning pretending to be on the phone to a friend

A merit award is presented here to Amy Adams for her joint performances in Arrival and Nocturnal Animals

Best Actor in a Leading Role Geeky goes to… Casey Affleck for his performance in Manchester by the Sea – easily the best actor lead role performance of the year

Best Director Geeky is awarded to Kenneth Lonnergan for his film Manchester By The Sea

Best Picture Geeky is awarded to… Manchester By The Sea

So there we go. Manchester By The Sea are the big winners of the night with 5 different Geeky’s.  Somewhat of a disappointing night for the much nominated but regularly beaten La La Land. Well done to all the winners and to Sunny Panwar and Amy Adams for their merit acknowledgements as well.

We’ll see you all at the after – party.

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