Review : Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman represents the fourth film in the DC Universe, and follows the appearance of Diana Prince in the Batman vs Superman film from last year. Directed by Patty Jenkins, the screenplay is written by Allan Heinberg.

The story begins on the island of Themyscira, forged by the God Zeus and hidden from the God of War – Ares, who once sought to destroy all of mankind. The inhabitants of the island are the female warrior race. Led by Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), whose sister General Antiope (Robin Wright), whose daughter Diana is keen to learn the skills of her aunt and yet is being held back by her protective mother.

Years later, it is now 1918 and a World War One spy arrives at the island in the form of Steve Trevor  (Chris Pine) who alerts Diana to the huge conflict playing out away from the island.

Convinced that only Aries himself could have caused such a massive conflict, Diana leaves the island with Trevor and sets off to defeat the German Nazi and the God of War himself.


The success of the Marvel Cinematic universe was initially built on the hugely charismatic performance of Robert Downer Jnr.  Charisma is something that has been largely lacking from the DCU so far, with probably the exception of Margot Robbie in Suicide Squant.. Luckily – In Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, the film has stars that can actually deliver this.

The film works itself nicely along a combination of humour, action and romance and delivers what is the best film so far of the DCU. It does feel like the first film in the DCU which has prioritised making a good film rather than setting up a future story.

In the context of the DCU, this film is a giant step forwards. In the context of super hero films, its really enjoyable, and definitely worth a watch. It also builds a much greater sense of excitement for the Justice League film than I’d previously had.


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