Review – Darkest Hour


One of the most famous individuals of the 20th century, Winston Churchill, is the focus for the new historical drama Darkest Hour – with director Joe Wright.

Set in a 3 week period during 1940, we see Churchill coming to power and near immediately facing the pressures from his own party to seek a potential compromise with the German army, whilst his own army is largely trapped in the French port of Dunkirk.

To some extent though, the review of the film is less about the actual story, and more about the portrayal of Churchill by Gary Oldman. Oldman’s performance is a remarkable achievement in both acting, but also in makeup by Kazuhiro Tsuiji (who actually came out of retirement to do the film).


Its hard to take your eyes off Oldman as he weaves through a number of key moments in Churchills early premiership and the range of emotions that he conveys, and skilled execution of the performance is incredible.

Supporting roles also shine in the film with Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI and Kristen Scott Thomas as Clementine Churchill.

The larger aspects of the story will be known to many, but the lesser well known elements, combined with the electrifying lead performance make this important viewing.


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