Review – Avengers : Endgame

Avengers : Endgame represents one of the biggest moments in modern day cinema, with the film bringing the first 3 phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a rip roaring, victory lap of a crescendo.

“We’re in the end game now” Doctor Strange, Avengers : Infinity War

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 18.42.00

The film finds the remaining members of the avengers years after the climax of Avengers  : Infinity Wars, in a world struggling to adjust to the consequences of Thanos’ successful finger click.

As they come together, trying to make sense of the world now, they also begin to attempt to put together a plan to address what has happened. Plot wise, that is all I shall offer.

What we have here is a remarkable achievement in movie making. An incredibly broad cast, huge ambition, and as many moving pieces as I think I’ve ever seen in a film.

The success of the film is really about operating as a culmination of what came before it.   The previous 10 years have seen Marvel move from the original Iron Man film, to what is effectively an entire industry of cinema. It is unrivalled in terms of a woven narrative through a series of films, and Endgame’s role in trying to tie this all together is a substantial challenge.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo (Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War) have a huge cast and plot to try and resolve. What is most impressive, is that they achieve this with genuine emotional impact, humour and some of the best performances ever in a superhero film. Large credit has to go to the screenplay writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

This is a band doing a greatest hits tour, and playing the hell of out them, and I loved it.


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