Review – Night School

2018’s Night School is a hollow, unfunny, and frustrating comedy with very few laughs. Avoid it.


Depending on whether you include comedy specials and such, Kevin Hart has been in close to 50 films. His 2018 offering was Night School, a comedy with him in the lead role.

The film follows Hart’s character Teddy, a BBQ salesman, who just after successfully proposing to his super successful and attractive girlfriend Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke), accidentally blows up the BBQ showroom.

In an attempt to quickly find work in the world of banking though, he returns to school to get his high school diploma which he never succeeded when actually in school. I forget why, but I don’t think that fact is important to the assessment of this mess.


So off he heads to Night School, where the headmaster (Taran Killam) is a former classmate of his (they didn’t get on) and his teacher is Carrie (Tiffany Haddish). Within his class are a number of offbeat characters, including the cast members of Rob Riggle, Fat Joe, Al Madrigal and Anne Winters.

Inevitably the film sees the classmates beginning with a number of differences and tensions, but beginning to work together and develop a sense of empathy towards each other, etc etc.

The only real success of the film is to combine such a number of clearly charismatic and funny people (Haddish especially), and manage to end up with this formulaic, vacous nonsense of a film.

I’m done. It’s really bad.


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