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Review – Downsizing

Writer Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants) returns with the 2017 satire Downsizing. In response to the increasing threat of extinction that humans face due to their own overpopulation, scientists in Norway have invented a process by which humans can be reduced to approximately 5 inches tall. Through this process of downsizing, humans can drastically reduce their impact on the

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Review – The Big Sick

I’ve been pondering something for a while. And it’s likely going to become a blog of its own at some point. Essentially its this – I think the ‘Rom-Com’ is due a come back. Thats not to say that they aren’t out there now, but just we’ve moved from the ‘Nora Ephron era of the late 1980’s – early 90’s

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Review – ARQ

ARQ is a 2016 timeloop sci-fi thriller written and directed by Tony Elliott and distributed through Netflix Studios. Set in a dystopian future where food is now scarce and a company called Torus operates with huge levels of control, with the only resistance is through a group known as the Bloc. Its stars Robbie Amell as Renton, a former military weapon designer, who has

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Review – Passengers

Passengers is the 2016 science fiction thriller directed by Morten Tyldum (best known for his Cumberbatch film The Imitation Game) and written by Jon Spaihts. Spaihts is one to watch given his previous films include Prometheus, and Doctor Strange (so he’s had some big profile work) and has the Tom Cruise Mummy film coming soon as well. The film stars

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Review – End of Watch

Our latest review is the LAPD action drama ‘End of Watch’. The film is both written and directed by David Ayers, whose previous work as a director was the 2005 Harsh Times, but as a writer includes police and crime drama’s Training Day, SWAT, and Dark Blue. The film was made on a very low budget (approx $10m) yet delivers

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Review – Lego Batman

We’re back off to the Lego Universe now for the review of the Lego Batman film that is currently out in the cinema. The second Lego film to have come out after 2014’s The Lego Movie, Chris McKay (who was an animation director on the 2014 film) now takes on his full directorial debut. The screenplay is by a number

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