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Review – Concussion

Will Smith stars in the 2015 sports drama Concussion, based on the true to life events that saw Dr. Bennet Omalu complete ground breaking analysis that would lead to better understanding of the impacts of tackling within the NFL. Smith stars as Omalu, an African immigrant into America, who we meet in Pennsylvania, working as a coroner. Following the death of

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Review : Aloha

Four years after the 2011 ‘We bought a Zoo’, writer/director Cameron Crowe is back with the 2015 ‘Aloha’ and we’re off to Hawaii for this film, where of course ‘aloha’ means both hello and goodbye. Brian Gilchrist (Bradley Cooper) is a space expert who moved into the private sector after a career in the military, only to have been seriously injured in

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Review : The Aviator

Well we’re off with the February Alphabet Challenge (Feb Alphabet Film Challenge), and we start with ‘The Aviator’. This phenomenal 2004 movie by Martin Scorcese is a biographical dramatisation about Howard Hughes. A man who was a multi millionaire movie director, oil drill bit marker, plane designer, and airline owner who is most famous for his descent into mental illness

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