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Review : 13th

13th is a 2016 documentary from Netflix studios, that looks into the linkages that run from slavery in the US in the 1800’s through to the existing mass incarceration that exists today. Directed by Ava DuVernay the film includes input from a number of leading voices for equal rights, and justice from the US, with further input from former US

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Review – Notes on Blindness

Notes on Blindness is a 2016 British biographical documentary following the story of John Hull. Hull, became blind in the early 1980’s and as part of a coping mechanism, began to record audio cassettes of his experiences and thoughts. The film is directed by Pete Middleton and James Swinney and takes an innovative approach to the documentary by using the

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Review – Amy

I’m not sure that the UK music industry has gotten over the death of Amy Winehouse in 2011, from alcohol poisoning. It’s that very story that is captured through the 2015 documentary ‘Amy’ directed by Asif Kapadia (whose previous work includes Senna – an equally touching film). There is a significant amount of footage that has been acquired by Kapadia

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