The February Alphabet Challenge


February will be bringing a new challenge into my life.

Through the month, some work colleagues and I have agreed to take on what we are referring to as the ‘Alphabet Challenge’.

What we’ve agreed is that we will watch one film per day through February, each starting with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. However, the films will be picked by different members of the group. Also, to give everyone access to the films, they have to be on a particular subscription streaming service.


We’re running on an honesty policy of ‘if you say you watched the film, then you watched the film’, and the selections are made randomly by the people still ‘in the competition’.  I think that this is partly going to be interesting as I’m likely going to see a lot of films that I wouldn’t generally choose myself.

I tend to watch a film most evenings anyway (although cinema visit nights now are going to be VERY long if Im watching a film when I get home as well!) but given the pace that will be coming from tomorrow, they may be shorter than normal….Here we go…



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