Review – Quarantine 2 : Terminal


‘Q’ in the Alphabet challenge. And for this, its ‘Quarantine 2 : The Terminal’.

I haven’t seen the original Quarantine movie, but the sequel is set around a group of passengers and flight attendants who are on a flight that has to land and ends up quarantined after a virus breaks out on board.

I’d been dreading Q in this challenge. The streaming service that we’ve been using as the basis for the challenge (Alphabet Challenge Summary) is thin on films beginning with Q and it always looked like it was going to be a tough night.


Quarantine 2 (both written and directed by John Pogue) is essentially a B Movie horror thriller effort, with zombie like victims of a virus, trying to kill the remaining crew and passengers on both the plane, and then into the quarantined area.

Think Snakes on a Plane and you won’t be too far off, although this lacks both Samuel L Jackson and the general cult charm.


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