Review -The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet

"The Selected Works of T.S.Spivit" Day 27 © Photo: Jan Thijs 2012


For the penultimate day of the Alphabet Challenge, we turn to ‘Y’ and the 2013 ‘The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet.

This is adapted from the book ‘The Selected Works of T.S.Spivet’ and follows a young boy from Montana. T.S. is a prodigy who is obsessed with analysing patterns and maps.  He lives on a ranch with his father (a cowboy – played by Callum Keith Rennie from ‘Case 39’, ‘Butterfly Effect’ and ‘Trigger’), his mother (played by Helena Bonham Carter from ‘Suffragette’, ‘The Kings Speech’ and so on) and his older sister.

Having invented a perpetual motion machine, T.S. (played by Kyle Catlett) receives an award from the Smithsonian Institute. In order to accept his award, he runs away from home and begins a journey from him home to Washington DC.

The film is directed by French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (who also directed Alien : Resurrection and Delicatessen), whose 2001 work ‘Amelie’ feels linked to the quirky feel of this film.

Its like a combination of ‘Amelie’, and ‘X + Y’ (X+Y Review) and is an engaging and touching story.



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