Review – Get Hard


Catching up on this 2015 comedy, we’re reviewing Get Hard today.

Written and directed by Etan Cohen in his directorial debut, having previously written Tropic Thunder and Men In Black 3.

The story follows investment banking millionaire James King, busy living the dream with his huge home, army of servants and young fiancee. That is, until he is arrested for fraud and made an example of by the judge who gives him a 10 year jail sentence in the maximum security prison of San Quentin.

With only 30 days until his incarceration, King turns to Darnell Lewis a car cleaning attendant in his company’s car park for assistance. Wrongly believing that Lewis has previously served time in jail, King turns to him to help him prepare for life on the inside, and to toughen up before his sentence begins.


What commences is a series of comedic set pieces around the increasingly extreme preparation scenarios that Lewis cooks up for King. These range from a cell built in his wine cellar to a simulated prison riot (including a monkey).

One thing I did note in the opening titles is that there was also a ‘Story by’ credit to writer / director Adam McKay. It seems again that McKay is showing his views on the banking classes with the message of sending the lead character here to jail, having also been involved in The Big Short and The Other Guys (both not subtle in similar views).

In terms of recent Ferrell work, its nowhere near as good as Daddy’s Home and generally feels more laboured as it works from set piece to set piece with relatively predictable results.


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