2017 – Film Hopes and Fears

new years eve 2017

So. We’re fast approaching 2017. Lets review some of the films coming out next year, and 10 which we’re most looking forward to, and which 10 we fear the worst for….


  1. Dunkirk – World War II epic tale could be a huge success for director Christopher Nolan
  2. Star Wars : Episode VIII – Disney have shown that they can successfully deliver against the franchise with both Star Wars : The Force Awakens and Rogue One : A Star Wars Story, so no reason for anything other than optimism for the next in the canon of Star Wars
  3. Justice League – It may be my DC comics fancy bias here, but I’m really hoping that this one really sets out the stall for the DC Universe.
  4. Spiderman Homecoming – After Spidey steals the show in Civil War – this bodes very well for the first standalone film with Tom Holland in the suit.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Standout success for recent Marvel Universe with the cute through soundtrack and humour of the first all boding well for the sequel
  6. Alien Covenant  – Risky statement here, but Im hoping Ridley Scott uses this as the chance to address the disappointment of Prometheus and delivers big time…
  7. Lego Batman – From the brief appearances of Batman in the Lego Movie, and the trailers, this could be great
  8. T2 Trainspotting – The boys are all back together for this sequel to the 1996 original and we’re optimistic about the follow up
  9.  The Mummy – I felt great about the trailer (Trailer – The Mummy (2017) and hopefully the Tom Cruise led start of a Gods and Monsters universe will deliver
  10. Wonder Woman – The first female led superhero film across the DC and Marvel Universe’s will have all of the Warner Brothers weight behind it, and much like with the Justice League, we’re hoping for big things from the DC side.


  1. Bladerunner 2049 – Having recently commented on the trailer (Trailer : Bladerunner 2049), this is a film that terrifies me, simply based on how much I love the original.
  2. Transformers – The Last Knight – Thoughts again summed up when the trailer was released (Trailer – Transformers – The Last Knight) but general sense that it will be both awful and a box office success
  3. Baywatch – Suspect an attempt to recreate the success of 20 Jump Street that will miss the mark
  4. Logan – I may be off the mark here, but the standalone Wolverine films have been largely disappointing and trailers don’t point to anything different for me. I fear that Jackman has already run his course as Logan (with the possible exception of a Deadpool 2 appearance offering him a better option that anymore Wolverine films).
  5. Jumanji – Feels like a high risk move with such fond regard for the Robin Williams original.
  6. King Arthur : Legend of the Sword. I’ve struggled with Guy Ritchie films for a long time. The guy has a LOT of misses vs what has only been three hits (Lock Stock, Snatch, Sherlock Holmes). Throw in successes with King Arthur films, of which there are very, very few, and this could go badly…
  7. Death Wish – Remake starring Bruce Willis of the one decent film from the original series. *Shakes head*
  8. xXx : The Return of Xander Cage : Again, I suspect the time for Xander has gone, after Vin Diesel made the crazy decision to dodge the original sequel to the hit action film to make The Pacifier.
  9. Kong : Skull Island. Anyone else think that the trailer gave far too much away? Now we’ve seen Kong already, I’m not sure they’ll get the business that they help for.
  10. Fifty Shades Darker – I will guarantee that this will struggle at the box office, as the aftermath of the original impacts audiences. The novelty of the books in movie form has gone, and all that is left is a load of Golden Raspberry awards and James Foley holding the reins after Sam Taylor-Johnson had clearly had enough.

See you next year!


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